My personal approach to Outsider Art

1 ) My personal approach towards Outsider Art

The disappearance of insects. Pesticides. Intensive culture
Insectus bizarrus

The Outsider sculptures appeared for the first time in my works in 1996, with the series “Machines and Men”. This series, which had fun mixing clay modeling with recuperations of waste products in wood or iron, marked a real turning point in my creative process.

After making these characters riding improbable machines, I started to collect pieces of wood. I wanted to make animals that would have accompanied humans. But little by little, these animals which were mainly birds started to take off, and ended up being all alone on the front of the stage. It gave a first series which I called:

Funny birds

Three other series followed these birds by declining the possibilities offered by this technique, with roots first, by adding clothes thereafter, and finally by making associations of characters, half animals half human. Those new series were :

Dances and other devils

Fashion and appearances