Figurative sculptures – the book

Presentation of this book of sculptures

Milo media-catalogue figurativeThis book is the first part of the carved artwork of Milo Dias, one that goes from 1982 to 1996.

Throughout this period, the sculptures are made earthen, bronze or raku, with a focus that is placed on the expressions of faces.

Several series will be developed during this period. The main ones are:

-' The small love gules"(1982-1991);
-"Thanatos" (1989);
-The big heads (1994);
-' Fellow travellers' (1995);
-' Men and Machines… ". "(1996).

This series of 1996 marks a departure in style and the evolution of the work of Milo Dias, who will turn then to an art more "singular", with a predilection for materials recovery,

… but with still the same substantive concern which is that of the human being, his life, his work, his tics and his grimaces, concerns material and relational, and finally a destiny which continues to oscillate between the tragic and the comic. Humor creaking rest the hyphen between all these beings live, real or imaginary…


-Format: 21 x 29.7 cm
-Quadrichromy on glossy paper 115 g/m²
-soft cover of 250 g/m²
-number of pages: 100
-number of photographs of works: 114 (including 66 in full page)
-draw: 200 copies
-Price: €18 (in library) or €23 (shipping included)

Release date:

  • The book is published on September 9, 2015.

Book signings

  • An autograph session was held on 12 September 2015 at the bookstore "the ampersand' of Chartres
  • A second Saturday, October 10 at the municipal library of Maintenon


Places of sales

  • 'The ampersand' Bookstore – 10 rue Noël Ballay – 28 000 Chartres.  Tel: 06 64 11 47 08 or 
  • at the "Maison de la Presse" – 9 rue Collin of Harleville – 28130 Maintenon tel: 02 37 23 01 08
  • or order direct from Milo Dias 4 rue Bilouis 28130 stones (€23 cheque to the order of Milo Dias, fresh delivery costs included). In this option, you just fill the form on the 'contact' page, specifying in your message subject to your order (1 or more copies), and the address where it should send you the book. Upon receipt of your check, book will be sent to you by mail.