Dance and other devilry (2010)

1°) gallery of this series

2°) More informations on these sculptures:

This salvage-based series was created during summer 2005 from the exposed roots of a storm downed tree. Out of the soiul for several years, these hard and tortuous pieces of wood had been bleached by rain, wind and sun… I simply used what I had found, eliminating what was in excess, adding what was missing — the principle being to always work with the same raw material.

These distinctive circumstances created the unity of this series. Out of it bizare beings emerged, each bordering on human and animal, a kind of devil dancing with joy or trying to keep their balance above the void — the human condition in a way. The jest is made of happiness and tears, always on the verge of a fall.

The series contains a total of 18 sculptures. Six of these sculptures are made of bronze : The Dancer, Run for your Life, The Toreador, Invitation to Dance, Too Much and The Tightrope Artist.

The patina is deliberately made in a brown color quite close to the original color of the wood, in order to blur the distinction between the originals and the bronze casting… (An enlargement of each photo provides some additional information on the name of the founder and the number of the edition. For more information on these regulations regarding bronzes, see the article below.)