The Contemporary Art is the art produced by contemporary artists, alongside and outside what is commonly called the AC (Contemporary Art), supported by international institutions and a few financial players for purely speculative purposes. Below you will find links to:

  • the national associations which I belonged as a french sculptor
  • the main galleries that I support or with whom I worked
  • art magazines that I particularly appreciate
  • These artists friends that I was led to meet, and with whom I share the same vision of what really is the current art figurative and singular


 The contention

(1) Contemporary Art galleries figurative or singular

Gallery Biz 'Art – Biz' Art –
Gallery Artdif –
Gallery Singul'Art – singulart.over –

Suzy Maes –

(2) relevant art magazines:

Artension –

Art mirror: mirror of art

(3) various associations:

Figuration Critique –
Figurative artists international –

Singular, unclassifiable and unusual – art
National Union of the sculptors and visual artists –
Unusual art –

(4) friends artists:

Mycelium (Laurent Danchin and Jean Luc Giraud) –
Denis Donikian –
Dominique Degois –