Is Critical Figuration a movement?

We cannot speak of movement, in the sense that all the currents of figuration are represented there. It is an aspiration that was established very clearly by its founders in 1978. Currently, especially since 2015, this wish continues, since it is less the form than the substance that is decisive. Of course the quality requirement remains as strong and essential as in the beginning in 1978. That said, the most predominant currents currently are:

societal criticism artists:

expressionist or neo-expressionist artists

outsider art artists

If Critical Figuration is not a movement, we can nevertheless say that there is a Critical Figuration spirit. And this spirit is always part of the defense of figuration, in a context where it is always rejected and despised by official state bodies. On this point, alas, nothing has changed since 1978!

I thing it is possible to say that in the actual situation of Art, The Critical Figuration is the best representative of what could be called the Post-Contemporary art. We are definitively out of this tremendous financial speculation, which is alone to say what is valuable or not in Art. What we want is that meaning, feeling and sensibility become again the chief subject of this formidable way of communication between humans which is true Art !!!