Fashion and appearances (2011)

1°) gallery of this series

2°) More informations on these sculptures:

The question of fashion came naturally enter this research that I had to accomplish with assemblages of wood, first with birds, and then with dancers… It was enough to add all kinds of clothes so these animals finish to humanize.

Slip is made naturally, and as the clothes perfectly complement this continuous game of appearances that we post, first unwittingly expressly with our head and our General QuickDraw, and then with these banners that we do not lack to add to distinguish us from others and make us always more attractive.

The complete series included twenty plays, and I was very fortunate to be able to show it for the first time to the Brussels Museum of Art spontaneous in January 2012. The exhibition took for title: “humans also will swoon and will pluck.” It is made in collaboration with a Brussels association of fashion with the name ‘ various ‘ GENTES.