Thanatos (1989)

1°) Gallery of the THANATOS series

2 °) More informations on the series

This series “Thanatos”, inspired by the themes of suffering and death, was created during the time of my father’s death, in the summer of 1989…

During that year our whole family was present to surround father during his last months of agony. I had come to join them. During the day I participated in the care and attentiveness given to the patient. At night, I took pieces of clay and channeled my explosive anger into it with my hands. I produced a multitude of figurines, imprinted with pain and revolt against physical decline and the misunderstanding of human destiny. More than a hundred small sculptures emerged during this difficult period. By the end of that summer, I decided that I would be a sculptor and that I would officially show, not only these sculptures, but my subsequent work as well.

Most of these sculptures, personal and painful, I kept in my secret archives, but this theme has come to be enriched year after year with new expressionist pieces which all tell, in varying degrees, this tragic aspect of our common destiny .