The lovely little faces (1982-1991)

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The facial expressions and character of individuals…

Daily activities, work, defects or the vicissitudes of life constantly chisel our faces. They markedly shape our individual personnalities through facial physiognomy, character and social standing. I’m fascinated by how the wrinkles on our faces reveal our pertsonnal stories in an open book for all eyes, , and observe how creases of the eyes or a grimace betray the soul and reveal what lies beyond exterior appearances.

I could be criticized for portraying a world that’s rather ugly in physical or moral matters. It’s true that I’m disturbed by all these characters located on the boundary of humanity, on the fringes of wickedness, cynicism or stupidity…

Of course, these “barely friendly people” are of course the others, our neighbors, our loved ones… But regardless of the similarity, identity or personal history, physical decline is at the end of the road.