Tania Huerta

Art Crafts Magazine (2007)

Funny birds, Society for the encouragement of artistic professions (S.E.M.A.)
SEMA exhibition poster

Sandstone, wood, metal, polyester, whatever the material, the sculptor has always excelled in capturing expressions. A few years ago he started to work, like a Daumier, on human faces. Tics, grimaces and other fakes adorn his heads which gradually find themselves equipped with legs, then various accessories, carts, and other artefacts, which the artist realizes from recovery materials.

Recently, he wanted to accompany these characters with animals. In the end, the animals alone ended up conquering the front of the stage. And, by a natural transposition, of the human, they keep the faces in turn, bewildered, smiling or curious. A wide range of emotions can be found in the physiognomy of its funny wooden critters: be they birds from elsewhere, or chickens, donkeys and insects.

They all have in common a certain humanity which the artist explains thus: “The animals share with us the same aspirations, the same games of seduction, the same vital constraints, and finally the same galleys … The whole creation is made of an excess that we can never taste enough intoxication! So, if it’s a question of laughing at this tragicomic condition, why not force the line. The earth is a huge aviary where a series of funny birds meet and look at each other… “.

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