The Cérès Franco Collection, Outsider Art Museum

This museum located in Montolieu brings together most of the collection collected by the famous gallery owner Cérès Franco.
The Cérès Franco Collection

  • When Henri Foch, banker at BNP-Paribas learned of the defection of the new municipality, he was revolted
  • He buys the old cooperative wine cellar of Montolieu, an Art Deco style building built in 1938 by an association of winegrowers
  • A new association is created which receives in donation the buildings bought by Henri Foch, and part of the Collection of Cérès Franco.
  • The current President of the Association is Dominique Polad-Hardouin, the daughter of Cérès Franco.
  • This Collection is strong of 1700 works which cover the 2nd half of the XXth and the beginning of the XXIst
  • It includes naive Brazilian and European, South American folk art, works by self-taught people who can be assimilated to raw art (Chaïbia, Jaber, Christine Séfolosha, Philippe Aïni), some historical artists from the Cobra movement ( Corneille) or the New Figuration (Michel Macréau, Marcel Pouget, Jacques Grinberg) and artists that can be classified in Outsider Art (Nitkowski, Rustin)
  • Location: 5, route d´Alzonne / 11170 Montolieu / Tel: + 33 4 68 76 12 54 / Email:
  • Practical information: Open from March 31 to November 4, 2018 / Every day except Monday, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. / Exceptional opening on holiday Mondays
  • More information: Collection Cérès Franco
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