Ludovic Duhamel, Director of the Miroir de l’Art

Sweet follies…

Ludovic Duhamel and Gilles Naudin, MIFAC awards ceremony at the Critical Figuration show in 2019
Ludovic Duhamel and Gilles Naudin

For those who know how to use it wisely, fantasy is a weapon of massive jubilation, capable of twisting the thickest armor with laughter, piercing the surrounding walls usually closed to any wider view, annihilating any kind of withdrawal. However, it must be used sparingly because if it is used improperly, its power eventually dulls. For a better efficiency, it is good to associate it with the simple poetry of everyday life, judicious to give the illusion of the probable for a few fleeting seconds, just before lighting the small spark of madness which will set fire to the powders of imagination. Milo Dias has a perfect mastery of these techniques, associating the fantasy of a constantly renewed look with the real world. And it just hits. We are moved, we smile, we have fun at the vision of his iconoclastic sculptures and without other claim than that of offering us a small breath snatched from too serious world.

— Article in the Mirror of Art N ° 99 (2019)

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