Christian Noorbergen

Milo Dias, or the thousand and one days of creation

art critic Christian Noorbergen
Christian Noorbergen

A cheerful shaman reigning over the countries enlightened by great reverie, Milo Dias completely ignores the spirit of system. Her playful and plastic discoveries, by grace and magic, get oxygenated over time and places. They are irrecoverable, irreverent, folded and scouring. His art is nomadic, adventurous, witchcraft, rustic, and superbly unrealistic. Close to primary crops.

To a fabricated world, it responds with salvos of joyfully transgressive, funny and very festive useless organization. To the continent weighed down by the Western intellect, it opposes, casually, in all humility, and in all amazement, its islets of formidable irrationality. This grotesque nicely-dressed man will laugh at seriousness until the end of time.

Against the current, against the invention, Milo Dias’ creature-creatures, between short life and crazy health, are mouthwatering to the artistic establishment. Art lives on these hot embers.

“Text written for the number 164 of November-December 2020 of Artension”

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