The painter Stani Nitkowski

a) in summary

  • Suffering from myopathy and confined to a wheelchair from the age of 23, Stani Nitkowski composed on paper and on canvas a fantastic hymn to life, with violence and dazzling passion. He leaves an overwhelming work of great acuity.
  • Quickly abandoning abstraction, he began to draw with ink and exhibited for the first time in 1974. On the advice of Jean Dubuffet and Robert Tatin, he met Cérès Franco who welcomed him into his gallery, the eye of ox, several times. He will subsequently exhibit at the Vanuxem gallery and also at the “Filles du Calvaires” gallery.
  • the artist commits suicide at the age of 52
  • His work as an artist is deeply marked by his illness. His work is strong, black, tortured, like his life

b) Some works by Stani Nitkowski, at the Salon de Figuration Critique in 2017

  • These two paintings were exhibited in the 2017 Critical Figuration fair.
  • Singular Art painting by Stani Nitkowski, probably in 1989.
  • the queen of arles
  • unique art painting by Stani Nitkowski in 1986.
  • the gallant green

c) Biography of Stani Nitkowski (1949-2001)

  • 1949 – Birth in La Pouëze (Maine et Loire). His father is a minor of Polish origin
  • 1972- finds himself in a wheelchair because of his myopathy. Start drawing
  • 1974- first exhibition in Angers
  • 1976- Marries Martine. Lives with her and her two children. The couple will have 3 children.
  • 1979- meets Robert Tatin in Cossé-le-Vivien. Beginning of a small correspondence with Jean Dubuffet
  • 1980- presents his works at the Robert Tatin Museum
  • 1981- comes to Paris, meets Cérès Franco at “L’Oeil de Boeuf” gallery
  • 1982- first solo exhibition in Paris à « l’oeil de Bœuf ». Other personal exhibitions at Cérès gallery in 1987, 1989, 1991
  • 1985- start of a 13-year collaboration with the Vanuxem gallery. Personal exhibitions at Vanuxem in 1985, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996
  • 1982 / 1992- several personal exhibitions in Laval, Nantes, Rennes, Angers, La Pouëze, United States. Many articles and publications
  • 1989- Leaves Martine and the children. Spends a year in Tours, returns to live in Angers where he settles in his last workshop, avenue Pasteur. Martine will take care of him every day
  • 1991- Publication of 40 drawings in a work edited by Pierre Dukan: “Written with his own blood”
  • 1993- Retrospective: “Twenty years of painting”, at the Pilori Museum in Niort.
  • 1999- last exhibition during his lifetime, with the black paintings “Between flesh and body”, galleries of the girls of Calvary (Paris)
  • From 1999 to 2001, participation in some collective exhibitions and fairs (Paris, Angers, etc.)
  • February 2001- Death of his musician son Flavien
  • April 2, 2001- Suicide by Stani Nitkowski
  • 2002- “The magic skylight”, gallery ideas of artists
  • 2003- “Le grand bond”, Salle Chamelier, Angers
  • 2006- “Parcours”, gallery Ideas by artists, Vanuxem and Sellem, Paris- Auberives Abbey, Haute-Marne
  • 2006- Publication of a monographic work, editions of the Abbey of Auberives.
  • 2011- “Hommage”, Polad-Hardouin gallery
  • 2016- “The Singular Spirit”, collection of the Abbey of Auberives, Halle Saint Pierre de Paris
  • 2017- exhibition of 7 paintings and 7 drawings in “Bastille Design Center” of Paris, with the Critical Figuration Salon
  • Biography taken from “Stani à Cérès, letters from a friend” (2011), Polad-Hardouin gallery
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