Figurative sculptures

These different figurative sculptures were created between 1982 and 1996. They begin with a series of faces where the emphasis is on the characters of individuals. The mode of expression is critical, and often borders on caricature. The influence of Daumier parliamentarians is manifest, and all these series are that successive searches to free themselves of this claimed paternity. Attempts will be made to change the format (male tables and large heads), or by adding a body, more or less well defined (the companions).  The ‘men and of the Machines’ series will conclude this first period. The introduction of a context, with realized machines with recovery, will be a decisive step in the evolution of the sculptor, and enable drag figurative sculptures to unique sculptures.

All these figurative sculptures were made initially with a modeling clay. The final result was left in the form of raw or sometimes enamelled terracotta. Some parts were treated by the Japanese technique of raku. Others have finally been drawn bronze.

The expansion of some photos of these sculptures to know not only the title but also the year of production, the material, the size of the room, its price and its eventual availability.

Michel Simon
Michel Simon


The small gules with love


Male tables

The big heads

The companions of the road

Men and machines

Wall and boxes in dreams