Drôles d'oiseaux (2009)

Drôles d'oiseaux, what are all these animals that surround us and are like us.

For a long time, I am attached to track down the tics and grimaces of humans humans to get to guess what could hide behind the appearance of the face. The animals were absent from this approach. When they appeared, it was rather by attendants as beings wholly.

Impossible not to see how all these beings live are shipped in the same uncertain story, tossed between the tragic and the ridiculous. Animals share with us the same aspirations, the same through, the same games of seduction, the same vital constraints… and finally the same galleys.

When one looks a bit on the forms which already exist in nature, one realizes that the delusion is ubiquitous… The entire creation is made of an excess which you will never quite taste drunkenness! Then, if it comes to laugh at this tragicomic condition, why not force the stroke. The Earth is a huge aviary where intersect and is gauging a range of birds…