Dances and other devilry (2010)

This recovery-based series was created during summer 2005 from the roots of a tree downed by the storm… Out of the soil for several years, these tips of tortuous and hard wood had been bleached by rain, wind and the Sun…  I am simply me to use what I had found, by eliminating that there were overpayments, adding what was missing, the principle being to always work with the same starting material.

These circumstances have created this series. He is out of human beings weird, to the limit of the human and the animal, kinds of Devils dancing for joy or trying to maintain balance over the vacuum. The human condition in some way… This joke is made of joys and tears, always at the limit of the fall."

The series contains 18 sculptures in total. Six of these sculptures have taken bronze. Voluntarily, the patina has made in a brown color quite close to the original colour of the wood, so some confusion can arise between the originals and prints…  (The enlargements of the photos allow to index material and the price of each of these sculptures.)